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RINO Mitt Romney’s solution to global recession… save the fake drowning polar bears!

 Wizbang Blog thinks Mitt Romney's recently declared belief in man-made global warming puts him "effectively" out of the 2012 presidential race: I'm with Bryan Preston of PJM's Tatler on this: "Stick a fork in Mitt?"  Between this and his inability to admit error with regard to Romeycare?  Hell yes. […] UPDATE: Commenter "Bob" also points to Romney's endorsement of […]

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Your SUV caused the Egyptian riots

My latest post on Newsreal. Global Warming alarmist, blogger, and amateur diplomat, Joe Romm, was correct when he wrote that that there is a cruel and inveterate villain inflaming passions in Egypt – hunger. Unfortunately, however, he couldn’t just leave it there. Like all good left-wing propagandists, he obeyed Rahm Emanuel’s maxim that “no crisis […]

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