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Bernie Sanders: Socialist and liar… but I repeat myself

Because truth and socialism are mutually exclusive. Hat tip to Newsbusters. Isn’t it hilarious when avowed socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT), forgets that he no longer lives the glory days when there were only six or eight major media outlets, and they all provided lie-with-impunity passes to lefties like him? Of course there is no […]

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Messiah doesn’t share glory: Obama evicts Churchill bust from Oval Office, replaces it with painting of himself walking on water

It sat in the Oval Office since September 11, 2001, and bore silent witness that heroism, courage, and determination can overcome the most crippling onslaught of marauding evil. But newly-inaugurated President Obama had no use for the bronze bust of Winston Churchill and it had to go. And now we learn that the search for a worthy replacement has finally ended, with the acquisition […]

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