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He’s at it again: Obama apologizes to stone-throwing decapitating dictators for secret ballots

Sometimes I miss Ronald Reagan so much. Remember last month when the Obama administration went tattling to the U.N. Human Rights Council about the Arizona immigration law? Well, apparently the groveling didn’t end there. The report confessed to another transgression as well: secret ballots in union votes. Apparently Obama believes that the privacy of non-union […]

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New York Times on Capitol Hill incident: No evidence of Tea Party racism

Thanks to All-American Blogger. It’s obvious that Leftists will do almost anything to keep the Tea Party from getting their messge to the masses. So they created a plan to mute the entire movement. Character assassination with a capital R.  Raaaaacists!! What followed was a ridiculous spectacle of Leftists knocking over rocks and shaking bushes in search of anything they can use to slime the Tea Party. And […]

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Obama: Suspicion toward law-abiding law-breakers is bad

Obama and Calderon appeared together today for a very parliamentary-like, head-of-state, pomp-and-circumstance, joint debut at the White House Rose Garden; and there were instantly around 521 pictures of them on Google Images. So I picked this very nice one with Benjamin Netanyahu. President Obama met today with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who is in Washington for an official head-of-state fret-fest about Arizona’s recent decision to […]

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