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Foreign Policy: Will the real Donald Trump please stand up

  Things to take away from Donald Trump’s statesmanlike performance at the South Carolina Debate Saturday night, where with barely a nod to ISIS he declared former President George W. Bush the bogeyman of the century. Okay, maybe he didn’t actualy say that, but it was implied. And didn’t all that bluster about hitting ISIS “very hard,” […]

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News flash: U.N. Climate Change delegates want to wreck the U.S. economy and ban water

  This is interesting. It seems the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) has forged a new frontier in climate change research — a peek into the psyches of climate change alarmists themselves. And what better laboratory than the  United Nations Conference on Climate Change that just wrapped up in (an unusually and ironically frigid) Cancun, Mexico? The findings — although not […]

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UN: Saudi Arabia qualified to pass judgement on women’s rights

Bad news: Iran continues to stone women. Good news: They won’t be lecturing you and me about human rights abuses after all. Turns out that some sticklers thought their propensity to fracture feminine skulls might pose a PR problem for the United Nation’s fledgling “Super agency for women.” It was a nice thought, albeit naive. Everyone knows the United Nations […]

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He’s at it again: Obama apologizes to stone-throwing decapitating dictators for secret ballots

Sometimes I miss Ronald Reagan so much. Remember last month when the Obama administration went tattling to the U.N. Human Rights Council about the Arizona immigration law? Well, apparently the groveling didn’t end there. The report confessed to another transgression as well: secret ballots in union votes. Apparently Obama believes that the privacy of non-union […]

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Can Israel Trust the United Nations? Seriously!

Memories… Hezbollah is making mischief in Lebanon, and the U.N. is making excuses. Where have I heard all this before? As usual, being utterly unqualified to comment on stuff like this doesn’t stop the thinklets from coming: No worries. Despite U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ statement that “Hezbollah has more weapons than most countries” […]

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Obama to release classified nuclear information because that will make the world like us

I suppose if you really believe America’s bellicose imperialism has goaded otherwise peaceful governments into despotic aggression, the logical remedy would be groveling acts of penitence like this:  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told a United Nations conference on nuclear nonproliferation Monday that the US will disclose details of its nuclear arsenal – such […]

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