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Video: Big government plus big spending equals big poverty

I guess it's just part of the human mosaic represented in any society. There will always be hardworking innovators, and there will always be lazy con artists. There are givers, takers, gossips, and rubberneckers. And then there is the seemingly omnipresent control freak who believes so strongly in his own pre-eminence, that he thinks it right and fitting to confiscate and spend his neighbor's paycheck […]

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Waste, spending, and political cronyism haven’t killed Yucca Mountain yet

As if there wasn’t enough evidence that President Obama believes in the Bottomless Magic Money Bag, his attempt to trash the newly completed and necessary Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository should convince anyone. How else to explain such casual willingness to trade the work of four previous administrations and an investment of ten billion dollars […]

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