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Our jilted allies in Eastern Europe examine their options

According to the Foundry, now that our dictator-whoring president has thrown our loyal, freedom-loving partners in Eastern and Central Europe over for their more sexy former jailers in Russia, “Young Leaders” from Poland and the Czech Republic are reluctantly considering alternative alliances with the European Union and even China. The discussion, which took place at […]

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Election Day 2010: A Time for Choosing

  Tuesday’s election may seem typical on the outside, but Jeffrey Lord with the American Spectator believes there is much more on the ballot this year than your typical aspirant for city council or the U.S. senate. Lord views this election as a climactic affirmation of our core values. And he predicts Wednesday morning will not […]

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He’s at it again: Obama apologizes to stone-throwing decapitating dictators for secret ballots

Sometimes I miss Ronald Reagan so much. Remember last month when the Obama administration went tattling to the U.N. Human Rights Council about the Arizona immigration law? Well, apparently the groveling didn’t end there. The report confessed to another transgression as well: secret ballots in union votes. Apparently Obama believes that the privacy of non-union […]

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Reaganesque Wit and Wisdom, Courtesy of Fred Thompson’s Tweets

Exquisite pellets of truth in less than 140 words. Dare I say this goes a long way towards fulfilling any wistful speculation about what would have emerged from a Tweeting Ronald Reagan? There hasn’t been a Rendezvous-with-Destiny moment with Fred Thompson, at least not yet. But honestly, the similarities between these two men are hard to ignore.  And, no offense to Nancy, […]

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