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Terrorist dupes shed blood at Israel-Syria border

This is what happens when Israel trusts the United Nations and surrenders territory to her enemies. Warning: Snark alert. Picky, picky. Israel certainly hasn't gotten rid of her little hang-up about keeping space between Hezbollah rockets and Jewish population centers. I don't know why. All the other times Israel has abandoned the defensive buffers that keep […]

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Code Pink street theater: The pain that terrorists endure when their victims defend themselves

You won’t want to miss this. Code Pink has debuted its “Peace Charade” theater, protesting the upcoming peace talks and Israel’s stubborn unwillingness to let Hamas kill them.     Doug Powers says:     Either this is Code Pink trying to re-enact the peace negotiations in front of the White House, or it’s “role-play therapy” day at the […]

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House Tea Party Caucus Affirms Pro-Israel Stance

Wow, a lot of mixed signals for Israel lately. While their right to defend themselves from Iran is being affirmed from such diverse outposts as the House Tea Party Caucus and Saudi Arabia, President Jimmy Obama still sits on their latest defense order reading “Relating to Psychotic Despots for Dummies.” Almost two dozen Tea Party-affiliated lawmakers […]

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More updates from Prozac planet

Roger Waters, useful idiot and founding member of Pink Floyd, has reworked the anthem of the civil rights movement, “We Shall Overcome,” into a video agitprop for Hamas. The new version goes something like this: “We shall overcome… anything that keeps us from blowing Jews to pieces” and accompanies heart-tugging video of terrorist weapons shields […]

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