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Coulter on Trump: He’s “mental”

Wow. So apparently it was the 4057th juvenile, creepy and down-right cringe-inducing stunt that finally caused Ann Coulter to waver in her slavish devotion to our fractious front-runner, Donald J. Trump.  At least it seems that way, since she has publicly expressed her “testy” feelings towards Trump — even declaring that “our candidate is mental.”  (more…) +1

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John Kasich: The most annoying man alive

John Kasich is more annoying than… People who call me and then proceed to masticate a raw carrot while they talk. Stepping in dog doo. People who snuff in and won’t use a tissue. Stubbing my baby toe. People who lick their fingers while they’re eating. People who make loud smacking noises as they lick […]

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Must I stop worrying and learn to love the Donald?

I think of them as before-coffee thoughts. Because they usually take place while I’m standing in front of the coffee-maker in my bare feet and nightie. You know the kind, thoughts that are none too bright and lacking in caffeine. Here are some examples: Before-coffee thought: “If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination you have to vote […]

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