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It would be a “nice idea” if Bernie’s followers would read the Constitution

Today Bernie Sanders tweeted that it would be a “nice idea” for Republicans who don’t want to confirm Obama’s replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia “to read the Constitution of the United States.” He’s implying that if they read the Constitution they would find that the Constitution directs that Republicans allow Barack Obama to destroy the Constitution. […]

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Obama on oil: We are drilling, plus we’re going to start drilling… or something like that

Wow. After President Obama's energy speech this morning, someone better get some snorkels up to the North Pole pronto for all the poor polar bears, because it's starting to look like Obama's coronation didn't mark "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal,” after all. In fact, as soon as Obama said "my administration is encouraging offshore […]

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Do you really want to talk about foreign contributors, President Obama?

  So President Obama feels qualified to sit in judgement of the Chamber of Commerce for alleged foreign donations. I would think that he of all people would want to studiously avoid comparisons to his overseas black-hooded supporters. I can only imagine that these these guys sometimes forget that we no longer live in a left wing echo chamber when liberals could get away with even the […]

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The inexorable spread of despair

H/T The Truth.  It’s chilling to watch economic darkness advance across the map like a medieval epidemic — a graphic representation of an economy most definitely not stimulated by President Obama’s  wasteful and expensive snake oil. When will the clowns in Washington wake up and realize that they are putting the brakes on economic growth by interfering in the private […]

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Something’s really wrong when we get the bill for our own con job

The Federal Highway Administration creates signs extolling President Obama and his failed spending programs and then threatens to withhold stimulus cash from states that balk at putting them up. Considering that all these guys work for us, it boils down to this: I’m the target of propaganda that I are paying for. And if I try to decline, then I pay someone to blackmail me […]

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Immigration ruling: Arizona pipsqueaks were meddling in federal business

Okay, new developments in the Arizona immigration debate. This is my overall impression: Federal busybodies back east, led by President Obama, were scandalized that Arizona law enforcement were doing crazy things like enforcing the law. So after conferring with the president of Mexico they took the matter to a federal judge. And today we have a ruling: Obama was right. Those local pipsqueaks have […]

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