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Did Pakistani Intelligence cheat on us with Bin Laden’s courier?

The New York Times is reporting that, while there is "no smoking gun," the U.S. was an unwitting member of a duplicitous daisy-chain that included Pakistani militants, Pakistani intelligence, and Osama bin Laden himself. The speculation surrounds contact information found on the seized cell phone of Obama's "trusted courier," probably around the time that the greasy old coot was giving some […]

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Thomas Friedman: Austerity for thee but not for me

Lucky for us, Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, has discovered the solution to the world's worst problems just in time to save mankind from inflation, natural disasters, and political instability. In a recent column, Friedman declared that those things will all go away if the little people will just give up, surrender, submit, and acknowledge […]

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Russian Immigrants Seeing Shades of the Politburo in New York Democrats

Two interesting links flashing across TweetDeck, I see. (Thanks @CO2HOG and @noelsheppard.) First, a Redstate post about how New York's population of Russian Immigrants have taken to warning about Soviet apparitions surrounding the Democrat overlords representatives that dominate New York politics. The Russian immigrants seem to know the path the Democratic Party is leading the nation down far better than many Democrats, which […]

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New York Times on Capitol Hill incident: No evidence of Tea Party racism

Thanks to All-American Blogger. It’s obvious that Leftists will do almost anything to keep the Tea Party from getting their messge to the masses. So they created a plan to mute the entire movement. Character assassination with a capital R.  Raaaaacists!! What followed was a ridiculous spectacle of Leftists knocking over rocks and shaking bushes in search of anything they can use to slime the Tea Party. And […]

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