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Union lefties fire Navy Dad for wearing Bush sweatshirt — the aircraft carrier, not the president

As Rightscoop points out, this is what happens when you displease the oh-so-tolerant left. Big Government: The IATSE (Local 33) union fired the worker even after he explained the shirt to his bosses. The shirt didn’t explicitly support George H.W Bush but that of the aircraft carrier named after the former President and the aircraft carrier […]

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How about the self-righteous thought police at NPR get a real job for a change?

Wow, ever since National Public Radio fired Juan Williams for expressing an honest and understandable emotion, hypocrisy alerts have been blaring all day; and indications are it’s not going over too well with the public. Considering that NPR was forced to shut down it’s public forum due to user overload, I am going to assume that taxpayers aren’t too […]

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