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One Nation Rally attended by at least a bazillion of the most dedicated grassroots supporters union money can buy

  My sincere condolences to millions of honest hard-working union members who were forced to underwrite the crowd at Saturday’s One Nation Rally – but it’s understandable considering that their Marxists bosses would have looked silly preaching socialism to the paltry group of six that would have come on their own dime. And that’s a […]

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Extremist Tea-Bagger Slobs Infiltrate Patriotic One-Nation Rally

  Wow. The tea-baggers must have been busy at the One Nation rally on Saturday impersonating all those terrorist sympathizers, anti-Semites, hard core Stalinists, and profligate litterbugs.  At least I’m assuming that will be the official explanation. Because it’s common knowledge that the leftists routinely impersonate racists and extremists at Tea Party events, and they are […]

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Niece: Martin Luther King would repudiate divisive, leftist black leaders

Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece believes that if alive he would support and even attend the Restoring Honor rally that Glenn Beck is hosting on the anniversary and at the location of “I Have a Dream.” Dr. Alveda King will appear at the rally in defiance of today’s leftist black leaders, who have twisted MLK’s optimistic and patriotic belief that America […]

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New York Times on Capitol Hill incident: No evidence of Tea Party racism

Thanks to All-American Blogger. It’s obvious that Leftists will do almost anything to keep the Tea Party from getting their messge to the masses. So they created a plan to mute the entire movement. Character assassination with a capital R.  Raaaaacists!! What followed was a ridiculous spectacle of Leftists knocking over rocks and shaking bushes in search of anything they can use to slime the Tea Party. And […]

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