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Jon Stewart is a liar

I could say that I missed Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace duke it out on Fox News last Sunday because we were camping, but truthfully I probably wouldn't have watched it anyway. Call me weird, but there’s something about a middle-aged man who Photoshops the Washington Monument into his very own really big penis that I find […]

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If this is a recovery, I want the recession back!

Unemployment ticked up again in January, but no worries. This isn’t a recession. This is a recovery. Eighteen months recovering and counting. Nevertheless, I thought it over and decided that I want the recession back. These recoveries are murder. Shouldn’t recovery mean something good is about to happen, like … I don’t know… recovering? Apparently not, and don’t bother going for the dictionary; it won’t […]

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Conservative Women of Iron

Originally posted on Newsreal Blog. Delaware Senatorial candidate, Christine O’Donnell, has been having a heck of a time getting a 24-minute ad titled “We the People of the First State” on the air, and accusations are flying about who screwed up – a question that still remains to be answered. But one thing is clear, […]

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