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Election Day 2010: A Time for Choosing

  Tuesday’s election may seem typical on the outside, but Jeffrey Lord with the American Spectator believes there is much more on the ballot this year than your typical aspirant for city council or the U.S. senate. Lord views this election as a climactic affirmation of our core values. And he predicts Wednesday morning will not […]

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The Socialist: A Cautionary Tale

Via Lori Ziganto at the Green Room. The triumph and glitter of the 2008 presidential election has devolved into a sobering cautionary tale — a hard lesson for a gullible electorate: Never again allow yourselves to be duped by liberty-thieves who hide their true motives behind ingratiating, grandiose, and nonspecific promises of deliverance from the human condition. Ben Howe, who created a […]

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The left’s war against language, thought, and liberty

Ho-hum. Another day, another rational debate slaughtered by screeches of “racism.” And more evidence that MSNBC’s Chris Matthew and his guests will always faithfully and thoroughly examine all sides of an issue before choosing which word best applies: “Racist,” “xenophobic,” “islamophobic,” or “homophobic.” Take this weekend’s exchange between Matthews and Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Cynthia […]

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