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Terrorist dupes shed blood at Israel-Syria border

This is what happens when Israel trusts the United Nations and surrenders territory to her enemies. Warning: Snark alert. Picky, picky. Israel certainly hasn't gotten rid of her little hang-up about keeping space between Hezbollah rockets and Jewish population centers. I don't know why. All the other times Israel has abandoned the defensive buffers that keep […]

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Egypt allows Iran to import terror through the Suez Canal

  For some reason, the news that two Iranian warships will chug their way, unhindered, through the Suez Canal for the first time since throat-cutting theocrats garroted the nation over thirty years ago, makes me think of Norman Rockwell’s Hitler-era painting “Freedom from Fear.” Rockwell painted it during a time when fear wore jackboots and swastikas, but, sadly, the image is a timeless: Parents and their sleeping children sharing a […]

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Can Israel Trust the United Nations? Seriously!

Memories… Hezbollah is making mischief in Lebanon, and the U.N. is making excuses. Where have I heard all this before? As usual, being utterly unqualified to comment on stuff like this doesn’t stop the thinklets from coming: No worries. Despite U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ statement that “Hezbollah has more weapons than most countries” […]

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