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Baghdad demands $1 billion and an apology from the U.S.

  Someone once told me about a cardiac arrest survivor who thanked the Good Samaritan who administered CPR by sending him a bill for his ruined shirt. I don’t remember anything else, except thinking at the time that I had heard it all. Well I was wrong. At least that jerk didn’t demand an apology, too. The Baghdad city […]

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Did President Obama sue Arizona at the bidding of his far left allies?

Judicial Watch is looking into it, but their inquiries have run up against the administration’s standard boilerplate brick wall: “Sue me!” This is pathetic when you consider who President Obama has deemed privy to his quest to force Arizona to stop enforcing federal law: Mexico, China, and the U.N.’s exclusive club for despots and tyrants also known as the […]

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Judicial Watch sues stone-walling administration to find out why we have fair wage guidelines for illegal jobs

Remember those Department of Labor television commercials that have been running lately? You know, the ones where Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, asks illegal Mexican immigrants why they have no respect for our laws? Just kidding, of course. Really it was an information campaign to inform illegal workers that they have the same right to a fair wage as real […]

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