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Bernie Goldberg: Conservatives need a race card, too

Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, Bernie Goldberg and Juan Williams mused about whether Jon Stewart’s use of a “Negro dialect” while ridiculing presidential candidate, Herman Cain, was racist. Which, of course was a pointless discussion based upon a false premise. Everyone knows Jon Stewart can’t be a racist, because he’s a lefty. And you can’t be […]

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Jon Stewart is a liar

I could say that I missed Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace duke it out on Fox News last Sunday because we were camping, but truthfully I probably wouldn't have watched it anyway. Call me weird, but there’s something about a middle-aged man who Photoshops the Washington Monument into his very own really big penis that I find […]

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Jon Stewart – License to Lie

  How does Jon Stewart  get away with it?  Night after night he fictionalizes the actions and statements of conservatives, building goofy, moronic straw men which he then tears to pieces in a hyperkinetic frenzy of invective and ridicule.   For example last night, during a recap of yesterday’s Healthcare Summit, Stewart said Rep Eric Cantor […]

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