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Quote of the day, John Kasich: “Everybody just needs to calm down”

John Kasich was on Hardball last night, being patriarchal again, telling “everybody” to “calm down” about his hopeless quest to remain in the Republican presidential race all the way to the convention. Apparently he’s moved on from commanding that the unwashed masses beneath him “make” cupcakes. Now he’s directing those questioning his dogged determination to install Trump as the […]

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John Kasich: The most annoying man alive

John Kasich is more annoying than… People who call me and then proceed to masticate a raw carrot while they talk. Stepping in dog doo. People who snuff in and won’t use a tissue. Stubbing my baby toe. People who lick their fingers while they’re eating. People who make loud smacking noises as they lick […]

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Republicans, just pick one, dammit!!!

(Content warning — this post contains excessive exclamation point usage.) There’s been this annoying buzz in my ears lately, but I haven’t been paying much attention to it, what with worrying about that narcissistic nut job who is waltzing his way past some very sterling candidates to the Republican nomination for president. But it’s getting hard to ignore, a bellyaching rasp […]

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