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Why do lefty bloggers and a sour grapes senator want to divorce Ronald Reagan from the Tea Party?

Who would have predicted that a retired Republican Senator from Utah would become the left wing’s leading expert on Ronald Reagan and the Tea Party movement? No one, I’m sure. Nevertheless, it happened last week when some lefty bloggers venerated Bob Bennett’s recent sour grapes snark-fest to Greta Van Susteren as if he’d been channeling Che Guevara […]

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Cuba and China shout “More for us!” after Obama nixes Gulf drilling

(H/T Gateway Pundit) Well, President Obama did promise to vitalize the economy and create jobs — I just thought he meant the U.S. not a pugnacious banana republic off the coast of Florida. In a sharp turn in Obama administration policy, the White House announced that they will be yanking concessions to Republicans by closing the eastern Gulf of Mexico […]

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King of the world wants you to drive a moped for Gaia

Via Moonbattery. Apparently it’s worth a cool million for James Cameron to defeat Proposition 23 just so he can sleep securely at night knowing that the California proletariat continue to sacrifice jobs, convenience, and comfort at altar of the discredited and debunked socialist con-job, Climate Change. As if there was every any doubt before, this is solid proof that Cameron possesses more chutzpah […]

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How many bureaucrats does it take to flush $750,000?

I understand why the government must take our money. Because we can’t be trusted to spend it the way we should. Just like a four-year-old clutching his Christmas money at the candy counter, we need mommy government to confiscate our wealth so we don’t blow it on something stupid. For example, I never would have thought to […]

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