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Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) schmoozes with Code Pink, because isn’t it a beautiful thing when suicide bombers can express themselves freely?

Great. A member of the United States congress, Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), is "proud" of the Code Pink freak, Rae Abileah, who interrupted Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress last month. At least that's what she declared when she and Abileah and other lefties met to hate on the free world and pow-wow about new and creative methods to aid and abet misogynistic baby-killing […]

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These were the lucky ones

Hat tip to Hal Lindsey. I wonder what it’s like? Another day, another punishing rocket for the egregious sin of existing. You know, the usual, every day things. Getting married… minding your own business… BEING BORN. You gotta wonder… where are those sanctimonious busybody harpies at Code Pink? Oh, I forgot. They’re too busy giving […]

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More updates from Prozac planet

Roger Waters, useful idiot and founding member of Pink Floyd, has reworked the anthem of the civil rights movement, “We Shall Overcome,” into a video agitprop for Hamas. The new version goes something like this: “We shall overcome… anything that keeps us from blowing Jews to pieces” and accompanies heart-tugging video of terrorist weapons shields […]

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“Freedom Flotilla’s” Goal: Help Hamas Attack Israel

My latest post on David Horowitz’ Newsrealblog The “Freedom Flotilla’s” quest to run the Israeli blockade at Gaza on Thursday might be gussied up with noble-sounding words and images, but anyone with a nose can tell it’s just another rancid propaganda sausage for the puppy-dogs of anti-Semitic world opinion. I just hope they make them […]

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