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Foreign Policy: Will the real Donald Trump please stand up

  Things to take away from Donald Trump’s statesmanlike performance at the South Carolina Debate Saturday night, where with barely a nod to ISIS he declared former President George W. Bush the bogeyman of the century. Okay, maybe he didn’t actualy say that, but it was implied. And didn’t all that bluster about hitting ISIS “very hard,” […]

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Do Americans Fear Islam Because of Poor Marketing?

A panel discussion, “Rebranding Islam,” at the South by Southwest (SWSX) conference in Austin, Texas, last week presented an interesting question: Can savvy marketing and a public relations shoe- shine help the Muslim community gain the trust of Main Street America? This panel will bring together leaders of the Muslim American community, PR and brand strategists […]

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UN: Saudi Arabia qualified to pass judgement on women’s rights

Bad news: Iran continues to stone women. Good news: They won’t be lecturing you and me about human rights abuses after all. Turns out that some sticklers thought their propensity to fracture feminine skulls might pose a PR problem for the United Nation’s fledgling “Super agency for women.” It was a nice thought, albeit naive. Everyone knows the United Nations […]

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Is John Brennan only nice to terrorists?

  Wow, look at John Brennan in these videos from the Washington Times (at the end of this post). He’s having honest-to-goodness Clintonesque purple fit. I wonder what set Obama’s top counterterrorism advisor off like that? Could it be that he was offended because the Times’ editorial writers disagreed with his characterization of Jihad as a “legitimate tenet of Islam” […]

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More updates from Prozac planet

Roger Waters, useful idiot and founding member of Pink Floyd, has reworked the anthem of the civil rights movement, “We Shall Overcome,” into a video agitprop for Hamas. The new version goes something like this: “We shall overcome… anything that keeps us from blowing Jews to pieces” and accompanies heart-tugging video of terrorist weapons shields […]

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