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Will the spoiled brats at UC Berkeley EVER shut up?

Kids like to fantasize about being heroes, bravely vanquishing fantasy villains. And that’s fine. It just gets obnoxious when they become college age and start really believing it. It’s become an epidemic at UC Berkeley. A perfectly normal, freshly-scrubbed 18-year-old sets foot on that campus, and presto, he’s the next Hans Scholl or Tiananmen Square […]

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Scratching my head about immigration

  If, like me, this immigration flap makes you feel like you’re drowning in black hole of blabbering liberal fatuity, here is a life-ring of lucidity from the Paul Theroux at the Daily Beast (via Jillian Bandes at Townhall):  These people who are protesting being asked for identification by Arizona cops—have they been anywhere lately, like out of the country? Like […]

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