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California fascists erect mini-Berlin Walls around swanky Hollywood functions – SEIU protests to begin momentarily

I have to admit Hot Air  had me going with this post titled: “California gets tough on illegal border crossings?” At least until I got to the second paragraph: Looks like Arizona Fever may be sweeping California.  The state legislature will consider a proposal to make crossing borders a state crime punishable by six months in jail […]

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Immigration ruling: Arizona pipsqueaks were meddling in federal business

Okay, new developments in the Arizona immigration debate. This is my overall impression: Federal busybodies back east, led by President Obama, were scandalized that Arizona law enforcement were doing crazy things like enforcing the law. So after conferring with the president of Mexico they took the matter to a federal judge. And today we have a ruling: Obama was right. Those local pipsqueaks have […]

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Shock Report! Racist Rhode Island has enforced immigration laws since 2007 (updated)

Illegals actually reported to ICE! And maybe even deported!     What a shock to learn that Rhode Island state police were racist, tea-bagging, Glenn Beck zombies even before Beck had a show; when a tea party only involved Royal Doulton, lemon biscuits, and shirtless Colin Firth; and SB1070 was still just a twinkle in some Arizona Klansman’s eye.   […]

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Dear Illegal Mexican Immigrant:

I posted this back when the Immigration Reform Act of 2007 was being discussed in congress. If the law had passed, it would have provided  a pathway to citizenship for undocumented Mexican aliens. Dear illegal Mexican immigrant, Let me say right up front that I understand. I’ve seen poverty, and I don’t mean fake American-style poverty. You know, […]

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