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Obama on oil: We are drilling, plus we’re going to start drilling… or something like that

Wow. After President Obama's energy speech this morning, someone better get some snorkels up to the North Pole pronto for all the poor polar bears, because it's starting to look like Obama's coronation didn't mark "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal,” after all. In fact, as soon as Obama said "my administration is encouraging offshore […]

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Optimism for the Gulf at Red State

Is the Deepwater Oil Spill debacle going to go the way of last February’s Hawaiian tsunami? I can only hope. Ever since the spill, I’ve been bracing myself for the inevitable Exxon-Valdez-times-a-hundred environmental apocalypse that has been prophesied for the Gulf Coast. But each night comes, and still no heart-rending images of fouled beaches and animals smothered […]

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