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One Nation Rally attended by at least a bazillion of the most dedicated grassroots supporters union money can buy

  My sincere condolences to millions of honest hard-working union members who were forced to underwrite the crowd at Saturday’s One Nation Rally – but it’s understandable considering that their Marxists bosses would have looked silly preaching socialism to the paltry group of six that would have come on their own dime. And that’s a […]

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Overcoming dishonor

One day after hundreds of thousands gathered beneath the long shadows of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King at the National Mall and resolved to restore America’s honor, Dr. Zero  points out that the restoration journey will only succeed if we rebuke those things that dishonor us. I have excerpted his closing paragraphs below, but it is all a must-read. You can find it […]

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Beck’s Lincoln Memorial rally inspires insight, memories

Lloyd Marcus offers his perspective on Glenn Beck’s upcoming Restoring Honor rally as a self-avowed “(black) unhyphenated American!” Here are some excerpts, or you can read it all here. I am a black American who wishes to thank brother Beck for honoring Dr. King in such a powerful way. Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally is linking the restoration of our great […]

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Niece: Martin Luther King would repudiate divisive, leftist black leaders

Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece believes that if alive he would support and even attend the Restoring Honor rally that Glenn Beck is hosting on the anniversary and at the location of “I Have a Dream.” Dr. Alveda King will appear at the rally in defiance of today’s leftist black leaders, who have twisted MLK’s optimistic and patriotic belief that America […]

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Bill O’Reilly thinks world’s greatest poem is “nutty”

Bill O’Reilly, Harvard-educated conservative icon, is apparently unfamiliar with the poem “The Gods of the Copybook Headings.” On his show tonight, he told Glenn Beck that excerpting Kipling’s powerful cautionary tale in the promotion of his novel was “nutty,” and then said, “I know you, you’re not a loon, but most people think you are […]

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Jon Stewart – License to Lie

  How does Jon Stewart  get away with it?  Night after night he fictionalizes the actions and statements of conservatives, building goofy, moronic straw men which he then tears to pieces in a hyperkinetic frenzy of invective and ridicule.   For example last night, during a recap of yesterday’s Healthcare Summit, Stewart said Rep Eric Cantor […]

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