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Foreign Policy: Will the real Donald Trump please stand up

  Things to take away from Donald Trump’s statesmanlike performance at the South Carolina Debate Saturday night, where with barely a nod to ISIS he declared former President George W. Bush the bogeyman of the century. Okay, maybe he didn’t actualy say that, but it was implied. And didn’t all that bluster about hitting ISIS “very hard,” […]

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Ashton Kutcher: “Poop face” George Bush “doesn’t like me very much”

Unbelievable. It seems that Ashton Kutcher occupied the same Super Bowl box as former President George W. Bush last Sunday, and now Ashton Kutcher is very displeased. Apparently he did NOT receive the level of solicitude that he expects from the usual sundry peasants who enter his orbit… you know, the typical riff-raff like former presidents of the United States. So now, he’s going to make us all miserable […]

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Nancy Pelosi says God is a big-government liberal

What a shock. In her Thursday press briefing, when asked about Obama’s failure to mention cap-and-trade, Pelosi said Congress had a “moral responsibility” to preserve “God’s beautiful creation” and reminded reporters that she had made energy and climate change legislation her “flagship issue.” “It is a defense, a security issue, a health issue, an environmental […]

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Nancy Pelosi: No church/state wall needed for the Left

Okay, so Nancy Pelosi thinks that Christian doctrine should regulate public policy. Big deal.  So what else is new? There are all kinds of things that liberals can do/have/say that conservatives can’t.  I think it’s even in the Constitution or something. Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton had free reign to express their faith. […]

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Biden’s Reality

    Apparently, now that Iraq is an island of relative sanity within a region seething with murderous hatred for America, Vice President Joe Biden has pronounced it one of the Obama administration’s “greatest achievements.”     Interesting that he should say that, since President Obama wasn’t in office during the darkest and most desperate months […]

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