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How about the self-righteous thought police at NPR get a real job for a change?

Wow, ever since National Public Radio fired Juan Williams for expressing an honest and understandable emotion, hypocrisy alerts have been blaring all day; and indications are it’s not going over too well with the public. Considering that NPR was forced to shut down it’s public forum due to user overload, I am going to assume that taxpayers aren’t too […]

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Will the Justice Department sue North Carolina for violating the civil rights of a Christian pastor? Nah. They’re too busy harrassing Oakland and Arizona

Two examples of how free speech is defined in America today. Would Thomas Jefferson and James Madison applaud or slap us silly? First, a North Carolina chaplain is fired for uttering the name of Jesus. The clerk of the state house of representatives had censored the word because “we have some people here that can be offended.’” Ron Baity, being American, […]

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