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RINO Mitt Romney’s solution to global recession… save the fake drowning polar bears!

 Wizbang Blog thinks Mitt Romney's recently declared belief in man-made global warming puts him "effectively" out of the 2012 presidential race: I'm with Bryan Preston of PJM's Tatler on this: "Stick a fork in Mitt?"  Between this and his inability to admit error with regard to Romeycare?  Hell yes. […] UPDATE: Commenter "Bob" also points to Romney's endorsement of […]

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Global warming alarmism stifles debate

  This week we witnessed an inspiring testament to the human spirit as intrepid Easterners dug themselves out of their snow-covered houses and driveways in a courageous quest to go on TV and squabble about Global Warming.   As I sat in front of the tube and observed all that fortitude and perseverance spewing about, I […]

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