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Ezra Klein: The Constitution is obsolete because it was written by cavemen a hundred years ago or something like that

Fair warning. Ezra Klein’s remarks today about the “gimmicky” Constitution blew the release valve of my snark-meter clean off, so read on at your own risk. And don’t say that I didn’t warn you. The latest from the Washington Post’s resident adolescent is that the Constitution is “confusing” because it’s like so “100 years ago” […]

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Ezra Klein trashes the Founders, but no worries. They wouldn’t have liked him either.

  Ezra Klein thinks small conservative states should kowtow to big liberal states. Also, he doesn’t like the founding fathers. I think those two things tie together. I’m not surprised. It’s been common knowledge that the Washington Post’s whiz kid has the principles of a doorknob ever since JournoList was outed – Klein’s very own under-cover Obama […]

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