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Awesome! Congress has veto power over renegade EPA

Hat tip to Hot Air. Hmmm. I never knew that congress had veto power over policy enacted by the executive branch. To quote, Glenn Beck: “That’s weird!”  But definitely good weird! Why? BECAUSE THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH SHOULDN’T BE LEGISLATING!!!! Sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you. I just get a little worked up sometimes. I […]

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With the Democrats away, climate change deniers shall play. (Music, that is.)

Have you ever told an environmentalist that abdicating personal liberty, crippling private industry, and throwing bales of cash at Al Gore to ward off a fictional fiery apocalypse may be a just a little hasty and perhaps worthy of a little thoughtful consideration? If you did, I’m amazed. Most people don’t make it to the word “abdicating” before being crushed under a pigpile of  […]

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