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Egypt allows Iran to import terror through the Suez Canal

  For some reason, the news that two Iranian warships will chug their way, unhindered, through the Suez Canal for the first time since throat-cutting theocrats garroted the nation over thirty years ago, makes me think of Norman Rockwell’s Hitler-era painting “Freedom from Fear.” Rockwell painted it during a time when fear wore jackboots and swastikas, but, sadly, the image is a timeless: Parents and their sleeping children sharing a […]

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Your SUV caused the Egyptian riots

My latest post on Newsreal. Global Warming alarmist, blogger, and amateur diplomat, Joe Romm, was correct when he wrote that that there is a cruel and inveterate villain inflaming passions in Egypt – hunger. Unfortunately, however, he couldn’t just leave it there. Like all good left-wing propagandists, he obeyed Rahm Emanuel’s maxim that “no crisis […]

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