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It would be a “nice idea” if Bernie’s followers would read the Constitution

Today Bernie Sanders tweeted that it would be a “nice idea” for Republicans who don’t want to confirm Obama’s replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia “to read the Constitution of the United States.” He’s implying that if they read the Constitution they would find that the Constitution directs that Republicans allow Barack Obama to destroy the Constitution. […]

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Guilty! Iowa judges and contempt for the constitution. Are you listening, Iowa voters?

Remember those Iowa Supreme Court monarchs, I mean judges, who decided their eminent will transcends such trivialities as votes, democracy, checks and balances, and deriving power from the consent of the governed? Well, the story doesn’t end there, because three of those judges now need the same populace that they steamrolled to approve their reappointment. […]

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Ezra Klein trashes the Founders, but no worries. They wouldn’t have liked him either.

  Ezra Klein thinks small conservative states should kowtow to big liberal states. Also, he doesn’t like the founding fathers. I think those two things tie together. I’m not surprised. It’s been common knowledge that the Washington Post’s whiz kid has the principles of a doorknob ever since JournoList was outed – Klein’s very own under-cover Obama […]

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He’s at it again… “Silly” Constitution still doesn’t matter to Rep. Phil Hare.

Remember when Illinois politician, former union leader, and fake Vietnam vet Phil Hare (D-IL) said he didn’t “worry about” the constitutionality of the Healthcare bill? Of course that was shortly before he confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence and when corrected stated, “it doesn’t matter to me.”  Since then, we have learned it […]

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Elena Kagan: No sympathy for the unborn

Naturally, Elena Kagan believes tearing tiny humans to pieces is a reasonable and constitutionally-sound way of dealing with social problems. President Obama nominated her for the Supreme Court, didn’t he? Enough said. So, a report by LifeNewsthat Kagan has financially supported pro-abortion activist groups is merely confirmatory. The only smidgen of hope for the court is no […]

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