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Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) schmoozes with Code Pink, because isn’t it a beautiful thing when suicide bombers can express themselves freely?

Great. A member of the United States congress, Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), is "proud" of the Code Pink freak, Rae Abileah, who interrupted Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress last month. At least that's what she declared when she and Abileah and other lefties met to hate on the free world and pow-wow about new and creative methods to aid and abet misogynistic baby-killing […]

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Code Pink street theater: The pain that terrorists endure when their victims defend themselves

You won’t want to miss this. Code Pink has debuted its “Peace Charade” theater, protesting the upcoming peace talks and Israel’s stubborn unwillingness to let Hamas kill them.     Doug Powers says:     Either this is Code Pink trying to re-enact the peace negotiations in front of the White House, or it’s “role-play therapy” day at the […]

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Code Pink gets a taste of their own medicine

I love it when life imitates good satire. Here you have Code Pink harpy, Jodie Evans, hosting a proper Hollywood Fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate, Jerry Brown, and getting bent out of shape because her elite Marxist guests must step over pro-America protesters in order to get in the door. Big Government described the scene when […]

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