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King of the world wants you to drive a moped for Gaia

Via Moonbattery. Apparently it’s worth a cool million for James Cameron to defeat Proposition 23 just so he can sleep securely at night knowing that the California proletariat continue to sacrifice jobs, convenience, and comfort at altar of the discredited and debunked socialist con-job, Climate Change. As if there was every any doubt before, this is solid proof that Cameron possesses more chutzpah […]

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Nancy Pelosi says God is a big-government liberal

What a shock. In her Thursday press briefing, when asked about Obama’s failure to mention cap-and-trade, Pelosi said Congress had a “moral responsibility” to preserve “God’s beautiful creation” and reminded reporters that she had made energy and climate change legislation her “flagship issue.” “It is a defense, a security issue, a health issue, an environmental […]

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Global warming alarmism stifles debate

  This week we witnessed an inspiring testament to the human spirit as intrepid Easterners dug themselves out of their snow-covered houses and driveways in a courageous quest to go on TV and squabble about Global Warming.   As I sat in front of the tube and observed all that fortitude and perseverance spewing about, I […]

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