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Bill Clinton as a Fox News pundit? Really?

Doesn’t seem to be gonna happen, but it’s still a fascinating thought, isn’t it? The Creep on Fox News. I wonder what Roger Ailes had in mind? A raw and unedited look at the extremes of boorish jackassery that exist in our culture? Kind of like Hoarders meets Jerry Springer with a little Anna Nicole […]

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The left’s war against language, thought, and liberty

Ho-hum. Another day, another rational debate slaughtered by screeches of “racism.” And more evidence that MSNBC’s Chris Matthew and his guests will always faithfully and thoroughly examine all sides of an issue before choosing which word best applies: “Racist,” “xenophobic,” “islamophobic,” or “homophobic.” Take this weekend’s exchange between Matthews and Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Cynthia […]

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Racism Pitched as Possible Reason Israelis Don’t Like Obama

Yesterday on “Hardball”, Ethan Bronner, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times, suggested that President Barack Obama’s flagging popularity in Israel may stem from racism. Here is the transcript from Newsbusters: CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let’s talk about politics.  Who’s more popular: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden? Put them in order.  Who’s the […]

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