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Russian Immigrants Seeing Shades of the Politburo in New York Democrats

Two interesting links flashing across TweetDeck, I see. (Thanks @CO2HOG and @noelsheppard.) First, a Redstate post about how New York's population of Russian Immigrants have taken to warning about Soviet apparitions surrounding the Democrat overlords representatives that dominate New York politics. The Russian immigrants seem to know the path the Democratic Party is leading the nation down far better than many Democrats, which […]

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Maybe the Tea Party Racist is hiding out with Sasquatch and Nessie

They have tried everything short of a microscope and fine-toothed comb, but liberals still haven’t located the elusive Tea Party Racist. That doesn’t stop them, however, from insisting that Tea Party supporters really don’t care about increasingly-corpulent, wealth-confiscating, rubber-necking federal government. They just oppose President Obama because he’s black. Charles Blow with the New York […]

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