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Must I stop worrying and learn to love the Donald?

I think of them as before-coffee thoughts. Because they usually take place while I’m standing in front of the coffee-maker in my bare feet and nightie. You know the kind, thoughts that are none too bright and lacking in caffeine. Here are some examples: Before-coffee thought: “If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination you have to vote […]

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Bill Clinton as a Fox News pundit? Really?

Doesn’t seem to be gonna happen, but it’s still a fascinating thought, isn’t it? The Creep on Fox News. I wonder what Roger Ailes had in mind? A raw and unedited look at the extremes of boorish jackassery that exist in our culture? Kind of like Hoarders meets Jerry Springer with a little Anna Nicole […]

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Here we go again: Hillary for President 2012 television ads

This is intriguing and horrifying at the same time. Not that it wouldn’t be vastly entertaining to watch Obama’s re-election bid fizzle in the primaries. But I’d rather forego that pleasure than risk Hillary and The Creep taking up residence in the White House ever again. Besides, it would be uncharitable not to let Obama preserve his one […]

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Joe Sestak to America: Punk’d you!

  Silly me. Swallowing all those coy innuendoes about the White House dangling a cushy job if Congressman Joe Sestak would stop trying to hasten Tyrannosaurus Specter’s inevitable slide into the peat bog of failed opportunists. Really. It’s so ridiculous. To be fair, though, it kind of captured everyone’s imagination, didn’t it? Maybe Deep Throat […]

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