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Nothing says I’m sorry like ugly flowers

Orange roses and carnations? Really Weiner? To be fair, however, I'm not sure what arrangement is really most appropriate for those inevitable "I'm sorry for being an exhibitionist, lying pervert" moments.  I'll have to check with Emily Post and get back to you. Hat tip to JammieWearing Fool. 0

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Baghdad demands $1 billion and an apology from the U.S.

  Someone once told me about a cardiac arrest survivor who thanked the Good Samaritan who administered CPR by sending him a bill for his ruined shirt. I don’t remember anything else, except thinking at the time that I had heard it all. Well I was wrong. At least that jerk didn’t demand an apology, too. The Baghdad city […]

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He’s at it again: Obama apologizes to stone-throwing decapitating dictators for secret ballots

Sometimes I miss Ronald Reagan so much. Remember last month when the Obama administration went tattling to the U.N. Human Rights Council about the Arizona immigration law? Well, apparently the groveling didn’t end there. The report confessed to another transgression as well: secret ballots in union votes. Apparently Obama believes that the privacy of non-union […]

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