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Nothing says I’m sorry like ugly flowers

Orange roses and carnations? Really Weiner? To be fair, however, I'm not sure what arrangement is really most appropriate for those inevitable "I'm sorry for being an exhibitionist, lying pervert" moments.  I'll have to check with Emily Post and get back to you. Hat tip to JammieWearing Fool. 0

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Omigosh. Will somebody please give Anthony Weiner a blanky and a bottle… of Xanax?

It is excruciating — nails on the chalk-board excruciating — to watch a grown man behave this way.  The man needs — I don’t know — anger-management counseling, a spanking, and a nappy; and not necessarily in that order. He controls the interview with Megyn Kelly with the variety of emotional extortion rarely seen beyond a nursery school. Indeed, viewers […]

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