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The ACLU wins case, muzzles judge – with the First Amendment

Originally posted on Newsreal Blog. Well, file this one under blatant historic revisionism and Christophobic hypocrisy. It seems that Judge James DeWeese, of the County Court of Common Pleas in Ohio, got caught red-handed practicing free expression without the approval of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and will pay for his insolence with an […]

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Did President Obama sue Arizona at the bidding of his far left allies?

Judicial Watch is looking into it, but their inquiries have run up against the administration’s standard boilerplate brick wall: “Sue me!” This is pathetic when you consider who President Obama has deemed privy to his quest to force Arizona to stop enforcing federal law: Mexico, China, and the U.N.’s exclusive club for despots and tyrants also known as the […]

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