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With the Democrats away, climate change deniers shall play. (Music, that is.)

Have you ever told an environmentalist that abdicating personal liberty, crippling private industry, and throwing bales of cash at Al Gore to ward off a fictional fiery apocalypse may be a just a little hasty and perhaps worthy of a little thoughtful consideration? If you did, I’m amazed. Most people don’t make it to the word “abdicating” before being crushed under a pigpile of  […]

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Nancy Pelosi: No church/state wall needed for the Left

Okay, so Nancy Pelosi thinks that Christian doctrine should regulate public policy. Big deal.  So what else is new? There are all kinds of things that liberals can do/have/say that conservatives can’t.  I think it’s even in the Constitution or something. Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton had free reign to express their faith. […]

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Al Gore’s Climate Change Cult Targets Teens

Originally posted at Newsreal. Apparently educators are so occupied cutting the microphones of renegade valedictorians who thank God at graduation and censoring  flute renditions of Ave Maria, there’s no time left to protect the tender young minds from Al Gore’s faithful cult following, the Inconvenient Youth. Defined by Wikipedia as an environmental group serving grades […]

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