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Christine O’Donnell loses debate for campaigning while Christian

  Originally posted on Newsreal Blog. Amazing. Delaware senatorial candidate, Chris Coons, couldn’t name the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment in a recent debate – so, naturally, his opponent, Christine O’Donnell, was labeled ignorant. Not surprising. In fact, I believe that most journalistic stylebooks define “ignorant” as “a conservative Christian who refuses to sit […]

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I Hate New Jersey

I feel like picking on New Jersey today. I don’t know why the impulse came over me. I was just having some afternoon coffee, reading a few blogs… thinking about local elections, issues, governors — and for some reason I suddenly hated New Jersey.    This isn’t like me.  I’m usually a nice person. Really. […]

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This is Pro Choice? New video shows Planned Parenthood manipulating women in crisis

Planned Parenthood says they’re all about “protecting abortion access.” They just don’t say that means “protecting” women in crisis from “access” to any fact that may cause her to decline their services. Live Action, and its president Lila Rose, have released more proof that Planned Parenthood is nothing but a taxpayer-supported trap for millions of […]

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Executive order-schmorder: First tax-payer-funded abortions via healthcare reform approved by liar-in-chief (updated)

Spring 2010: President Obama signs an executive order legalizing any and all trickery required to con Representative Bart Stupak into voting for taxpayer-funded abortions. Summer 2010: Obama starts invoicing pro-life taxpayers for expenses related to burning, poisoning, and butchering pre-born Pennsylvanians. Below: Obama eloquantly declares that he will say or do anything to get healthcare passed. Or something like […]

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