Stuff like this is why Bernie Sanders is surging

I happened upon a video on Facebook today. It’s cute. It has nifty graphics, a friendly narrator. You can click through to watch it, but I’m happy to summarize: Basically, the U.S. has some rich stick people and many many more poor stick people. That’s because the rich stick people grabbed all the money away […]

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Slave owners vindicated! Harriet Tubman indicted! #WhatwouldHoustonGrandJuryDo

Background ICYMI: Anti-abortion activist, David Daleiden, is under indictment in Texas for trafficking in “human tissue.” He’s also in hot water for making a fake ID. This is because he pretended that he wanted to buy human tissue from Planned Parenthood,who happens to have scads of human tissue to sell on account of being paid by taxpayers to kill millions of […]

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Well That’s Rich…

Hypocrisy alert: Think Progress is warning the world that the videos which exposed Planned Parenthood’s secret baby parts store are “heavily edited.” So let me get this straight: Think Progress is accusing someone besides Think Progress of manipulating public thought by editing out content that doesn’t advance their agenda?  (more…) 0

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