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Maureen Dowd is a racist…

For writing this. Somebody better run and roust up Janeane Garofalo, Jimmy Carter, Bob Schieffer, Norah O'Donnell, and Charles Ogletree pronto. I don't know why they aren't at their usual posts, vigilantly guarding the president from the narrow-minded boors lurking in his midst.  Maybe they all needed to get their tattered race cards cleaned, blocked, starched, and ready to beat the next hapless conservative about the head for daring to question […]

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More Precious Than Rubies, Press release

"This one has a little of everything: romance, tragedy, drama, humor." A reader from Salem, Oregon, comments on MORE PRECIOUS THAN RUBIES, by Elena Ives, published by Meadowlark Press. Charm is Deceptive and Beauty is Fleeting… In MORE PRECIOUS THAN RUBIES, an antique ruby necklace — a souvenir from long-ago tragedy — is now a […]

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City of Roses Press Release

"Elena Ives has invited us to join her in experiencing the joys, pain, love, fear and longing she expresses in her writing." A reader from Portland, Oregon, comments on CITY OF ROSES, by Elena Ives, published by Meadowlark Press. Rose City Cinderella —Thorns and all Byron Holgrave is a well-known Portland physician. His late father […]

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