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Michael Moore: Savior of daytime TV?

Watch out! The world’s first oppositional-defiant adolescent with gray stubble is at it again, and I’m starting to feel just a teensy bit peevish about the whole thing. This time, camera in hand, filmmaker Michael Moore herded some ailing 9/11 heroes to Cuba for the high-minded, humanitarian purpose of denigrating America’s healthcare system — which, […]

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I aren’t stoopid

Shhh… They’re all around us. If you listen hard you can almost hear them. Invisible comets of information whizzing through the air. Occasionally one will plunge through my atmosphere and lay cooling on my terrestrial consciousness – a compact pellet of knowledge from a snobby Easterner who graduated from a 300-year-old university and thinks I’m […]

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Hugo Chavez and the sixth grade meanies

This last week as I observed Hugo Chavez tagging along behind president Bush’s Latin America tour, followers in tow, I was reminded that there is something vaguely familiar about his style of obsessive hatred – You know, the catty lies, vicious ridicule, insults and exclusive I-hate-George parties with Harry and Cindy. Then it came to […]

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Groundhog Day for Republicans?

Obviously Scooter Libby’s perjury conviction is bad karma for Clinton haters. After all, Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for perjury while all the Republicans in Washington cheered wildly. Now the Republicans are getting a taste of their own medicine. What goes around comes around. And Clinton and Libby were both convicted […]

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For wiser heads than mine…

I’m trying to figure out this Scooter Libby conviction, so here’s what I’ve got so far… I think… Joe Wilson was content to let the whole world think that the White House was masochistic enough to send him on an African fact-finding mission to prove that the Executive Branch is filled with intelligence-manipulating, war-mongering liars. […]

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