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Donald Trump Campaign Slogans

Just trying to help. After all, if he’s going to win the nomination, he’ll need to start thinking some up. As an added bonus, there are a few that the Democrats might be able to use as well! I’ll update as I think of more. It’s the Total Low-Lifes, Stupid Hey, Hey, RealDJ how many […]

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My feet are going numb again. I double my blanket, so it is now barely large enough to cover my curled-up body. My coughing must have awakened Peter, lying on the upper bunk, because he begins to taunt me, singing in a high, quavering voice, “Oh, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, […]

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Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Samuel. Samuel’s family had settled on rough, rocky uncultivated land. Now that land was plowed, planted, irrigated, and fertilized, and Samuel’s family was famous for their large, juicy, sweet oranges. Samuel once had a friend named Hassan. Hassan’s family herded sheep and cattle near Samuel’s […]

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