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Coulter on Trump: He’s “mental”

Wow. So apparently it was the 4057th juvenile, creepy and down-right cringe-inducing stunt that finally caused Ann Coulter to waver in her slavish devotion to our fractious front-runner, Donald J. Trump.  At least it seems that way, since she has publicly expressed her “testy” feelings towards Trump — even declaring that “our candidate is mental.”  (more…) +1

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Quote of the day, John Kasich: “Everybody just needs to calm down”

John Kasich was on Hardball last night, being patriarchal again, telling “everybody” to “calm down” about his hopeless quest to remain in the Republican presidential race all the way to the convention. Apparently he’s moved on from commanding that the unwashed masses beneath him “make” cupcakes. Now he’s directing those questioning his dogged determination to install Trump as the […]

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John Kasich: The most annoying man alive

John Kasich is more annoying than… People who call me and then proceed to masticate a raw carrot while they talk. Stepping in dog doo. People who snuff in and won’t use a tissue. Stubbing my baby toe. People who lick their fingers while they’re eating. People who make loud smacking noises as they lick […]

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Must I stop worrying and learn to love the Donald?

I think of them as before-coffee thoughts. Because they usually take place while I’m standing in front of the coffee-maker in my bare feet and nightie. You know the kind, thoughts that are none too bright and lacking in caffeine. Here are some examples: Before-coffee thought: “If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination you have to vote […]

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Quote of the Day… Magic flying puppies

The Free Beacon featured this question posed to Bernie Sanders in a TV interview: “As you’re aware, four former chairs of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, all appointed by Democrats by the way, say there’s no credible economic research that supports the positive impacts that you’re touting,” host Chris Cuomo said. “One of them goes […]

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