Coulter on Trump: He’s “mental”

Wow. So apparently it was the 4057th juvenile, creepy and down-right cringe-inducing stunt that finally caused Ann Coulter to waver in her slavish devotion to our fractious front-runner, Donald J. Trump.  At least it seems that way, since she has publicly expressed her “testy” feelings towards Trump — even declaring that “our candidate is mental.” 

And to Coulter, I can only say…


Apparently we can credit Trump’s recent spiteful attacks on Heidi Cruz for this glimmer of light which appears to have pierced through a significant blind-spot in the legendary Coulter intellect.

Great to know that Coulter is finally beginning to see that Trump as he really is: our resident enfant terrible, inflicting conducting his rampage campaign in the manner of a tantruming delinquent who will not stop lobbing rotten cabbages into the murky pond of our bruised psyches.

And by rotten cabbages, I mean every misogynistic and childish and bullying and creepy and disgusting act or statement Trump has committed during this primary season and beyond. But, incredibly, as each one sinks below the surface of the pond, his mind-numbed followers insist that it never happened.

That is, until now.

Coulter’s declaration, could — just maybe — mean that the pond is full. It has become so saturated with Trump’s moldering missiles that they protrude above the surface — rotting, festering, acrid, and purulent — for all the world to see. Including, even, his most myopic acolytes.

If Ann is finally starting to wake up, maybe more will follow. Oh Lord, I hope it happens before it’s too late.

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