Quote of the day, John Kasich: “Everybody just needs to calm down”

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John Kasich was on Hardball last night, being patriarchal again, telling “everybody” to “calm down” about his hopeless quest to remain in the Republican presidential race all the way to the convention.

Apparently he’s moved on from commanding that the unwashed masses beneath him “make” cupcakes. Now he’s directing those questioning his dogged determination to install Trump as the nominee by neutralizing Cruz votes to chill out.

Honestly, the man is so annoying. He reminds me of a filthy little fly that keeps landing on your face when you’re trying to sleep outside in the summer.

Because, clearly — in his mind anyway — we are like children, and he sees it as his duty to bestow his sage direction as to which emotions he deems appropriate for us. And, in his view, his zeal to glob himself like a wad of gum into the gears of such a pivotal crossroads in U.S. history isn’t anything that we should worry our silly little heads about.

Well, no thanks, Mr. Kasich. You’re not my daddy. I don’t need you to inform me of when or if I “just need to calm down.”

I strongly suspect, however, that I do “just need” a really big fly swatter.

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