John Kasich: The most annoying man alive

most annoying

John Kasich is more annoying than…

  • People who call me and then proceed to masticate a raw carrot while they talk.
  • Stepping in dog doo.
  • People who snuff in and won’t use a tissue.
  • Stubbing my baby toe.
  • People who lick their fingers while they’re eating.
  • People who make loud smacking noises as they lick their fingers while eating.
  • Adolescents who sit behind me in the movie theater and giggle for two hours.
  • Putting a pen through the wash and ruining my husband’s scrubs.
  • Seeing a fly on the potato salad.
  • The low tire light going on.
  • Getting a paper cut.
  • Having a hay fever attack with no tissues.
  • People who drive in the passing lane beside the vehicle in the slow lane.
  • Not being able to find where tape starts.
  • Being around people with phlegm issues.
  • Burning a whole batch of cookies.
  • People who pull out in front of me and then drive exactly 6 mph below the speed limit.
  • Getting a zit.
  • Spraying air freshener on my armpits instead of deodorant.
  • A flat tire in the pouring rain.
  • Bending my fingernail backwards.
  • Mouth noises.
  • Twenty other women ahead of me at the airport restroom.
  • Drivers who pass the line and don’t merge until the last minute instead of taking their turn.
  • The drivers who let that person in.

That’s all I can think of for now. But, face it, nobody and no thing is more annoying than John Kasich, that rotten little boil on our noses who is doing his exasperating and irksome best to skin just enough votes from Ted Cruz to give Donald Trump the nomination and Hillary the White House in November.

He’s so annoying!

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